I am a potter, living in South East London and working at Maze Hill Pottery.

I produce small batches of domestic ware for the use of cooking, serving and the presentation of food. I have been documenting my work on Instagram for the last few years, posting an image with descriptions on the processes and finished results after firing, as regularly as I am able. The websites aim is to categorise the work and when possible, use it to host a shop page. 

The pots are fired in a reduction atmosphere, half of the ware requires being fired in a Salt/Soda kiln for the flashing effect on the bare clay surface. The other half of the pots are fired in a gas kiln that has a 'cleaner' or purer environment where there is no interaction with the silica from either Salt or Soda. I use a combination of a high iron clay and a white clay body, both for Stoneware, sometimes blended to achieve the results I am aiming for. I make my own glazes which are closely related to Celadons and Nuka's with variant amounts and types of Iron to achieve the colour. 

I aim for the forms to be bold yet simple and at the forefront of my making is there function.